Your life can’t change if you don’t change

Your life can’t change if you don’t change. We have to break the cycle of repetitive thoughts and actions, change our inside, in order to see a different result at the outside. If we think the same old unproductive and negative thoughts, how can there be change at the outside? We attract what we continuously think about. So it is important to saturate our mind with the right thoughts that are in alignment with our goals, with what we want to see manifested at the outside.

Try this for some time. Pick an area of your life you feel not happy about. Observe the thoughts you think and change them. Observe again, change again, until your mind starts automatically thinking the new thoughts. It takes repeated practice and time but it is possible to rewire our brain. It depends on how much effort and will persistence you put into it. And that depends on the goal you are doing it for.

Ma Udaysree is a Transformation & Spiritual Life Coach who works with women 50+ on their path of enlightened living. Purpose of Life, Healthy Lifestyle, and Core Values are just some of the areas her clients learn more about on their spiritual journey. Udaysree is the author of ‘Living at Arunachala.’ Contact Ma Udaysree for a 40 min FREE Initial Coaching Strategy Session.

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