You & Money

How to end money worries? How can I change my karma? Is there a way out of self-destructive money thoughts and patterns, even dis-ease? What is at the root of all my money troubles?


for Entrepreneurs

The program is based on the meaning of Vedic wealth. It includes wealth, career, activity to make a living, financial security, economic prosperity, land, gold, cattle, family, health, mind, wealth consciousness, and a lifestyle that gives good health to gain and support knowledge and financial wisdom.


You & Money – The Holistic Way is a 4 week introductory program and consists of one weekly 40 to 60 minutes session totaling 4 sessions directly with Ma Udaysree. All sessions are 1-on-1 live via Zoom at a day and time that best fits your schedule.

  • Session 1 Find your life purpose, goals, and perceived obstacles. Know the big ‘Why’ to gain clarity and focus.
  • Session 2 Learn how to raise your frequency to a higher level and how to remove what is in the way.
  • Session 3 Let go of karmic burdens, i.e. your conditioning and limiting money beliefs.
  • Session 4 Gain knowledge, techniques, and tools on how to create wealth and manifest your money goals.


You feel more comfortable and confident around money and that you achieve your wealth goal. Your new lifestyle is the foundation for greater energy and enthusiasm in all areas of your life. This then helps to more easily raise your vibration to a higher level and be successful in manifesting wealth.

What Others Are Saying

‘Through my work with Ma Udaysree I came deep into my money blocks where now inner healing takes place. I was surprised how quickly you can change old patterns not to stand in your own way. I felt incredibly comfortable during our work together.’ – Tim W., Student, Luebeck, Germany

‘Ma Udaysree was able to hold the space and gently guide me into some of the deepest parts of my inner world. I released a lot of old programming and trapped emotions. I felt so much clearer and lighter after the sessions.’ – Jay W., Broker, TV Malai, India

“If you want to get unstuck about your personal or business financial issues and are ready to transform yourself to live with a new money mindset, then take the next step to start on your 101 wealth creation journey the holistic way.”

Special Offer 50% Off – Limited Time Only

Instead of our regular enrollment fee of $997 for You & Money, you pay only a 50% reduced special offer enrollment fee of $497.

This limited time offer is good only until July 22, 2021.

  • If you bring a friend, both you and your friend will enjoy an additional 10% off the reduced enrollment fee bringing it down to $447 each.
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  • Once we have received the non-refundable payment, you receive further instructions / material for your successful wealth creation journey.
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The services and programs offered do not constitute any financial advice. For any of these please consult with your professional financial advisor. Our services and programs are solely of spiritual nature. No guarantees are given.