Video: The Secret to Padmasana for Seniors

Getting into padmasana can be a challenge at first but to take it even further, you can get into full padmasana without touching the legs. I recorded two videos, one while on my yoga mat and the other while seated on a chair. You can see the pose is easier on the mat but try for yourself… and see how enthusiastic you feel once you make it.

I have to admit, I am not doing yoga every day, though I think it is very beneficial to do so. Yet my secret to padmasana without touching the legs is simple. For many years I have been sitting cross-legged either on the floor or even on a chair. No matter where I am, sitting cross-legged is such a habit for me. I do it wherever I am.

Acutally, sitting cross-legged opens the hips and makes padmasana, lotus posture, easy. Padmasana is a stable posture for meditation and levitation. If you are just starting out, don’t worry about getting into padmasana. It takes practice. Meditation can also be done in other postures.

In any case, try it yourself if you can! It’s simple yogic fun…! 🙂

Some of the responses were from awesome to feeling inspired, and saying “…you’re a yogini! ❤️” What can I say, I was just doing it for fun, to challenge myself, and inspire you. 🙂

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