Yantra Meditation to Gain Clarity in Life

How often would we answer ‘yes’ to this question. Our mind is made up of samskaras, engraved memories, which block the free flow of energy to think clearly and make better decisions. The more samskaras we have, the more confused we are. Sometimes there is clarity on something but then with another thing we just can’t decide which way to go.

Perhaps there is simply too much clutter in our lives, yet not limited to the physical plain. A late spring cleaning can rid us of unnecessary ‘things’, an opportunity to let go physically, mentally and emotionally making room for more clarity and easier decision making.

YANTRA MEDITATION to Achieve Clarity

Yantra meditation is a highly effective and recommended way to clean up those sticky samskaras freeing us from old and no longer needed junk internally and externally.

One meditation technique is simply looking at a meditative piece of Yantra Art with a focal point at its center. The technique from the Shiva Sutras is simply to look at a focal point which is represented here by the center point or bindu without blinking. Do this for five minutes, then close your eyes and start penetrating your spiritual eye located between your eyebrows for five minutes from the inside. Repeat this once. Then again look at the focal point with open eyes. After five minutes close your eyes and simply relax them. The whole meditation lasts for thirty minutes. It helps to open the spiritual eye and open your intuitive perception and clarity.

Yantra Art Prints

Yantra art is designed in such a way that focusing on the central point becomes easy. Colors and other design elements help you in your meditation efforts. For example a red background is stimulating and helps you get out of a low mood. Clarity comes from the simple yet profound yantra design which has a subtle effect on you while meditating on it.

The Maha Meru 3D Yantra is available as a 12×12″ print. Contact me.

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