What Others Say

‘Love your Title… ‘discover consciousness-raising art’… YES!!! Just finished seeing your art creations… beautiful, sensitive, and zen simple…” – Armand Altman, Ph.D., Yoga & Meditation Teacher, USA 

‘This is powerful Art… I can feel my energy rising while I look at it…’ – Jay Wilder, Broker, USA

 ‘If someone is seeing nothing in these works, then he is yet to get enlightenment and know what really is meant by a conscious reality than dwelling elsewhere. Excellent work… excellent rendering.’ –Hariraam Veeraraghavan, Artist, Chennai, India

‘Ma Udaysree’s art is simple, profound and beautiful.’ – Patricia F., Art Consultant, Canada

‘…in the absence of strong sensations I’m left with a simple feeling of relaxation or peace. When I see the black circle I always think of The Void, or The Unknown, or Source… That untouched place within all of us that’s pure consciousness, that place where we all come from. I find myself going within.’ – Nadia Bertino, Realist/Surrealist Artist, Phoenix, AZ, USA

‘Ma Udaysree combines the brilliance and unique colors of India, and brings them together with the ‘Bindu’ symbol in such a simple form—which in reality is the essence of the purity of Indian spirituality.’ – Jose Carrillo, Retired Art Agent – Santa Fee, NM, USA