What Others Say


‘Ma Udaysree is very knowledgeable in Yogic healing. It is not just yoga poses, but a wholesome approach that she brings to the table. She helped me with the following areas:
1 – Corrections to my Hatha Yoga routine to alleviate the pain I have been having
2 – Release of emotional blockages that resulted in pain
3 – Yogic scanning of problem areas
I highly recommend her for a wholesome Yogic Healing approach.’ – Gowri S., Engineer, USA

‘I had a package of sessions with Ma Udaysree. The results where very positive. Ma Udaysree was able to hold the space and gently guide me into some of the deepest parts of my inner world. I released a lot of old programming and trapped emotions. I felt so much clearer and lighter after the sessions. Her professionalism and caring methods where a true blessing for my transformation.’ – Jay W., Broker, TV Malai, India

‘I was very glad to have found a German-speaking person like Ma Udaysree. After we met for the first time and she explained her approach to me, I right away had a good feeling and knew, that is what I need. Through the work I came deep into my inner blocks where now inner healing takes place. I was surprised how quickly you can change old patterns not to stand in your own way. I felt incredibly comfortable during our work together. Ma Udaysree was open to all questions. For the future, I know now what I want to work on. It has really helped me a lot! Highly recommended.’ – Tim W., Student, Germany

‘I learnt how to see myself from a higher perspective and how my habit of speaking and thinking is counter-productive to my spiritual growth. The way of my mind makes me less than I really am.’ – Julia L., Yoga Studio Owner, USA

‘Ma Udaysree was very present and empathic during my sessions with her.  I will continue to remember and to practice the yogic self-healing sessions we shared, and recommend her work to anyone needing to heal old wounds which still are affecting their lives.  Her warmth and caring presence is very helpful to the healing process.  Thank you Ma Udaysree.’ – Rosemary D., Professional, USA

‘I came with my 68 years old mother as a translator so she can look inside her. I didn’t expect that it would go so deep in us. My mother got so touched and felt better about herself. My mother and I, we cried but I feel it really cleansed our heart. Thank you so much and I hope more people get in touch with themselves. Shanti, shanti.’ – Challan, Retiree, Korea

‘The ‘Ganesha Reading’ with Ma Udaysree was very helpful to clear my present situation concerns, obstacles, and challenges as well as future perspectives. Thanks Ma Udaysree!’ – Annelies E., Retiree, Germany


‘Ma Udaysree’s session on ‘Mindfulness in Finance’ with my global youth group last week was simply amazing. Her sharing was simple yet impactful. The youths found it very useful especially when it comes to managing their daily finances. Thank you, Ma Udaysree, hope to have more sessions with you.’ – Ma Laxmi, Penang, Malaysia

‘I shared some past experiences with Ma Udaysree which led her to uncover a ‘blockage’ I was having with spending money. She was able to explain being raised in a single income household, with 2 older brothers, instilled values in me to save money & be cautious with overspending. Even though, I am in a good financial situation, I still look for deals & coupons for groceries.’ – Jenn S., Wellness & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Ontario, Canada

‘I am very thankful to Ma Udaysree for helping me understand how money works and asking me to find the reasons that are blocking my way towards success and wealth. I was feeling worst at money and after speaking with her I started thinking about it in a better way. I started good habits towards money and taking actions. Thank you for the support and blessings Ma… I feel so happy with your presence in my life.’ – Banuprakash, Bangalore, India


‘Love your Title… ‘discover consciousness-raising art’… YES!!! Just finished seeing your art creations… beautiful, sensitive, and zen simple…” – Armand Altman, Ph.D., Yoga & Meditation Teacher, USA 

‘This is powerful Art… I can feel my energy rising while I look at it…’ – Jay Wilder, Broker, USA

 ‘If someone is seeing nothing in these works, then he is yet to get enlightenment and know what really is meant by a conscious reality than dwelling elsewhere. Excellent work… excellent rendering.’ –Hariraam Veeraraghavan, Artist, Chennai, India

‘Ma Udaysree’s art is simple, profound and beautiful.’ – Patricia F., Art Consultant, Canada

‘…in the absence of strong sensations I’m left with a simple feeling of relaxation or peace. When I see the black circle I always think of The Void, or The Unknown, or Source… That untouched place within all of us that’s pure consciousness, that place where we all come from. I find myself going within.’ – Nadia Bertino, Realist/Surrealist Artist, Phoenix, AZ, USA

‘Ma Udaysree combines the brilliance and unique colors of India, and brings them together with the ‘Bindu’ symbol in such a simple form—which in reality is the essence of the purity of Indian spirituality.’ – Jose Carrillo, Retired Art Agent – Santa Fee, NM, USA


‘When I was first exploring the Hindu culture, Ma Udaysree was very helpful in assisting me to learn various aspects of the Hindu religion and customs, including respectful practices when visiting Temples and sacred sites. Her in-depth experience and knowledge of Temple life, including learning about the various Murtis, who they are and what they represent, devotional practices, including Pujas, Homas, Yantra, and chanting made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I highly recommend Ma Udaysree as an excellent and experienced guide of the Hindu culture, including travel and living in India.’ – Mary Anne C., Small Business Owner, USA