What is a Yantra?

Spiritual growth and evolution is one of two paths an individual can choose to go. You either go up or down but you cannot go both. Existence itself offers you a myriad of techniques to evolve to higher states of consciousness. One such technique to raise individual consciousness is intensely immersing yourself in the creation or viewing of sacred yantras, its worship or meditation upon the center point or bindu.

What is a Yantra?

Yantras are of geometrical design and traditionally contain the energy of a particular deity as perceived or seen by ancient rishis or enlightened masters. They are visual forms of mantric energy and contain a mantra associated with it. Yantras are used for purposes such as to attract harmony, peace, enhance learning and the quality of one’s life, promote healing, and more.

3D Maha Meru top view
3D Maha Meru from top view. (C) Ma Udaysree

Though drawn in two dimensions, a yantra may represent a three dimensional sacred object. Once such example is the  2D representation of a 3D Maha Meru as shown here in the yantra image. They are traditionally made out of metal plates like copper and are used for worship and meditation. Even if the yantra art enthusiast is not a meditator, it’s ok. Viewing yantra art itself works through its symbolism subtly on you and your environment infusing it with an uplifting, healing and centering energy. It helps you to connect with the center of your Being to experience more inner peace, bliss and harmony in your life.

Yantras as Meditation and Centering Device

Keeping yantra art like a Sri Yantra, an expression of divine mother goddess energy, or a Maha Meru image, a three dimensional representation of the universe, in your home, in your puja or meditation room or on an altar, is auspicious. These images can be used for worship or as meditation and centering devices. Of course you can use yantra art to beautify your home or decorate your workspace, too. Yantra art is perfect for the yoga studio, temple, or any kind of holistic environment.

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