Vastu Living

Vastu is the ancient Indian science of harmony and peace at home and at work. It has been in practice for over 5,000 years especially in South India. The foundation of Vastu is architecture, the construction of buildings in alignment with the laws of nature. For example, the East direction is for the rising sun and Southeast is the best direction for a kitchen in the home. The heat coming from the sun is symbolized in orange and red colors in the wall color, flooring, and decor of the kitchen.

A wrong construction and layout in a house, office, or company according to Vastu can be rectified with a number of solutions.

Architects that are disciples of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi added Vastu to homes and one can experience greater peacefulness living in such a house.

Art work created with Vastu in mind enhances your personal space and can help you gain inner peace.

  • Vastu your home, office, or yoga studio for harmony and peace (basic consultation)
  • Rearrange furniture in alignment with Vastu
  • Selection of colors, fabrics, and materials for interiors
  • Creation of sacred spaces and puja rooms
  • Art consulting, framing suggestions & placement of art installations
  • Commissions for Vastu Art possible
  • Professional organizing to declutter spaces
  • Meditation & other spiritual practices upon request

“Your outer space is a reflection of your inner space. Your inner space is reflected in your outer space.

Get back in harmony with nature and explore greater inner peace and happiness.

*Featured Image: (C)2022 Sunflower photography and yellow painting by Ma Udaysree