Purpose of Life: The Path without Goals

A quick research for the term ‘purpose of life’ on Google revealed more than 8,580 million search results. A huge number of people are looking for their purpose in life and a huge number of advisers are available to help with this important question more and more people tend to ask themselves.

I am one of them. Actually in my coach training I learnt about the Purpose of Life and techniques to figure out what it is. I tried it but I was not convinced about the result. Some time later I attempted to solve this question again with the same result.

This question can actually not be solved by the mind. It is the very nature of the mind to constantly change depending on the day, the mood, the experiences, etc. Once I thought I had figured out my life purpose just to experience a change of mind a few months or even only a few weeks or days later. This happened to me for a few times. Eventually I decided for the inner seeking and realization of enlightenment as the purpose of my life and kept it at that.

Running for a Goal doesn’t Make us Happy

Actually, thinking about goals we always run. Have you noticed this? We run after a better job, a bigger house, a new car. There is something that happens in the pursuit of goals. We loose it. The running after a goal takes us out of the present moment where the bliss is at home. Honestly, no one likes to run. That’s why we take vacations.

Our mind keeps us busy either in the past with its regrets, limiting beliefs, and what not or in the worry about the future. That’s why we set goals. At least the mind can be kept quiet for some time. But the real bliss lies neither in the past, nor in the future but in the present moment.

There are no goals in the present moment. Just being. Intensity is the way to forget yourself and land in the ever blissful present moment. Being in the present moment brings you into higher frequency. Remember the law of attraction? You attract all best things into your life by staying in the present moment.

So what happened with my life purpose of seeking enlightenment? Forget the seeking; being in the present moment is bliss, is enlightenment. I got it right there! Yet initially it is easier to enter into this state when the mind is free of outer and inner distractions. Releasing the past and letting go of the worries about the future that has not happened yet, both help to more easily get into the present moment and sustain the state for longer and longer times. This then is the path without goals.

Ma Udaysree is a Transformation & Spiritual Life Coach who works with women 50+ on their path of enlightened living. Purpose of Life, Healthy Lifestyle, and Core Values are just some of the areas her clients learn more about on their spiritual journey. Udaysree is the author of ‘Living at Arunachala.’ For a FREE 40 min Initial Coaching Strategy Session, contact Ma Udaysree.

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