Prayer Request

The best prayer responses are those when the prayer is done in a higher vibration mood. You can bring yourself to a higher vibration by chanting mantras repeatedly on a daily basis. From my own experience I know that a higher vibration changes your mood to a positive and joyful one. Check out this amazing story that happened to a dear friend of mine.

My friend loves mantra chanting. One day she started a routine of chanting the same mantra over and over again like 3 to 4 hours in the morning and at least an hour in the evening. This brought her quickly into a higher frequency during which she stated her prayer. Her prayer was answered exactly as requested. Within 3 months she received a job she had asked for and independent of it she materialized $50,000 she had prayed for.

One short and simple mantra to raise your vibration is associated with Lord Ganesha, the obstacle remover and god for new beginnings. Chant “OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha” for 21 minutes daily. For proper pronunciation listen to this video or to this one.

Bringing our prayers, intentions, and plans to a higher frequency plane aligns the planets to fulfill them. Praying together intensives the energy.

Leave your prayer request at our Contact Page. We will get back with you to clarify any details. Tune in at 8:00 pm MST daily to support your prayer request. Invite your family and friends to join. We will be chanting a mantra together for 21 minutes.