If you’re struggling to manifest a non-violent positive lifestyle for health and the ultimate state of bliss, you’ve come to the right place!

Enlightened Living is nothing but removing that which is not you from you and adding that which helps you find yourself, experience ananda or bliss. It is holistic addressing the whole person in body, mind, emotions, and consciousness. Additionally it has many health benefits.

Holistic health is more than the absence of pain, suffering, or disease but truly living in tune with the rhythms of nature. A happy and blissful mind makes not only your day but also for those around you. Knowing your life purpose, the reason why you are here on this planet, you desire to finally manifest the life you want.

If you are a spiritual seeker, i know a supporting lifestyle for health, fulfillment, and bliss is very important in your life.

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My unique gift to the world is…

…to support spiritual seekers with the tools and resources they need to manifest a non-violent lifestyle for health and the ultimate state of ananda or bliss.

My services are also available to German speaking individuals.

About Ma Udaysree

I continuously manifest a non-violent positive lifestyle through a sattvic vegetarian diet and detox. I’ve released emotional tension and patterns related to a number of childhood issues by applying a simple yogic technique. My focus has shifted from a depressive and sad past to a future I manifest consciously and blissfully knowing what I want and who I truly am. I am gradually moving more and more towards the ultimate state of bliss or ananda.

When I’m not creating irresistible programs for my clients, I enjoy spending time with my spiritual community and attending enlightening programs. I love reading biographies of self-realized beings, learning more about the Vedic tradition, and traveling South India.

And, most of all… I love helping people like you that have a true desire to transform their life and manifest their dreams!

Best wishes to your health, fulfillment, and bliss!

Ma Udaysree

Ma Udaysree’s background…

  • 30 years Vedic Studies in Advaita, Vedic Healing Sciences like Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Kriyas, Power Manifestations
  • Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Master Life Coach
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach
  • Certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach

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