O Ocean of Bliss

Let us become One in consciousness.

There is a different reality

Of pure happiness and joy

Where one can bathe

In the light

Of love, bliss and peace.

With your grace

Take me there…


Sometimes I am of the Bole Baba nature wishing to just sit or lay there by the ocean doing nothing but enjoying what is at that moment… Somewhere in our being we must just remember this particular nature of one of the forms of Shiva so that we wish to live this kind of a lifestyle once in a while.

But let us not get carried away, Bole Baba may have gone without a roof over his head and stayed hungry many times. Yet beyond the fluctuations of the mind, he would have been ok with it whereas we would utterly fuzz about such an outrages and unforgiving treatment of life…

Source of Poem: unknown

Ma Udaysree is a Spiritual Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. She has studied the Vedic and yogic traditions of India in the areas of spiritual life solutions, yoga & meditation, temples, and Ayurveda – The Science of Life for more than 30 years. She offers individual Spiritual Coaching Sessions, Free 3rd eye body scanning, and a Free meditation class. Contact her through the contact page at MaUdaysree.com

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