My Story

My own yoga journey began in 1988 with Hatha Yoga classes in Germany. I went to the same yoga studio and teacher for 3 years during which time I learnt classic hatha yoga and Osho release meditations. With the help of Osho’s meditations I released some of my childhood trauma. By that time I was already vegetarian for nearly 10 years.

At the end of 1990 I went with a friend to an ashram in London where we stayed for two weeks followed by Tao Yoga and a move to the USA. I became a Hatha Yoga Teacher and learnt meditation from SRF. Since 1995 I’ve been connected to different organizations of enlightened beings from India in the West.

Through Osho’s meditation techniques I first learnt about release work over 30 years ago. I also learnt helpful techniques during therapeutic hatha yoga practices. As my search for happiness and enlightenment continued I learnt and applied many more tools and techniques to release the past and emotional suffering. I also felt drawn to Ayurveda and other ancient sciences from the Vedic tradition of India that brought more clarity on a sattvic vegetarian lifestyle, detox, and yogic principles among other things.

Our True Nature is Eternal Bliss

Inherently we all are looking for happiness or more precisely, that eternal bliss the Hindu scriptures talk about. Behind everything we say, think or do is a deep desire for happiness. Why? Simple. As babies we usually are happy beings and only through conditioning, limiting beliefs, and traumatic events we slowly but surely loose that blissfulness. It’s our inner light that gets covered. If we truly want to be happy, we need to remove those coverings in order to get back to our true nature of eternal bliss.

And Now?

My inner transformation and self-healing has made me a healthier and more blissful person. I can say that many internal shifts have happened and continue to happen. As a side effect I also learnt how the mind works and became a

Certified Master Mindset Coach

Certified Spiritual & Yoga Life Coach | Initiated Spiritual Healer

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

to help yoga students and teachers along their path of self-healing and enlightenment through an authentic holistic yoga lifestyle. For the last 35 years I’ve studied Vedic Sciences like Advaita, holistic yoga, Ayurveda, completion, wealth manifestation, holistic yoga lifestyle, and applied them in my life. I’ve spent six years living in South India and authored a book on my adventures and discoveries. I create spiritual art with focus on the bindu, a symbol for Oneness.

The journey to become whole again continues until all transformation that needs to happen has happened to reveal who we truly are, that shining light of pure consciousness in eternal bliss. Living a holistic yoga lifestyle helps us in achieving this goal.

Benefits of a Powerful Holistic Yoga Lifestyle

Benefits are of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature like

  • Better physical health, eating habits, and weight loss
  • Improves sleep and mood
  • Reduces physical, mental, and emotional stress, PTSD
  • Provides flexibility, focus, and clarity
  • Overall greater wellbeing, self-healing, and yogic bliss

Get the help you want on your self-healing yoga journey back to wholeness, happiness, and bliss! You deserve it!

In my individual coaching sessions with modern day yogis who struggle with their emotions, body, and mind you’ll learn how to live an authentic and powerful holistic yoga lifestyle so you can experience greater wellbeing, self-healing, and yogic bliss.