My Money Story

My money story goes back to the age of two. At that time an incident happened that influenced the way I was thinking about money for over 50 years!! I was severely hit with a stick on my hand when as a toddler I reached for a few shiny coins. Immediately I took on the thought of ‘I can’t have money’. It was so traumatic that I pushed everything into the subconscious and it appeared as if forgotten. Yet from the root thought pattern a bunch of related thoughts evolved and did play out in my life in an almost self-destructive way. That’s how the cunning mind works.

In my 50ies I was given a solution to this long standing and emotionally painful dilemma. Going through the process my confusion and negative emotions left me, my confidence level went up, and I began seeing my life in a new way. As a result I became the owner of a business to help others with limiting beliefs around money.

How has the Past Effected my Life?

My past effected me in all areas of my life. In brief:

  • physically – constant ‘freeze’ reactions to fear situations created a breathing problem, money problems
  • pranically – reduced prana / lifeforce intake
  • mentally – negative fear-based thinking, poverty thinking, procrastination, lack of confidence
  • emotionally – fear, anger, hatred, sadness, feeling rejected and unloved, suppressed emotions
  • consciousness – victim consciousness

Releasing the past in a self-healing way freeing myself from this childhood trauma was highly liberating. The good news is that my personal money story and the struggles I had to go through inspire me to help others who want to let go of old money related baggage and need help with the process.