Journey to the Source

The greatest adventure to be explored is the journey to the Source. Source is bliss, source is peace. Peace is freedom from the clutches of your mind.

How does the Mind work?

The mind creates pleasure and pain shafts connecting associated thoughts. Thoughts of joy and happiness create joyful, happy shafts. Thoughts of fear, anger and depression create shafts of fear, anger and depression, pain shafts. Yet in reality these shafts do not exist. Our task now is to unclutch from these shafts, letting go of them. Observe your thoughts as the watcher or witness.

A Witness to the Fluctuations of the Mind

As Patanjali, the organizer of yoga said, yoga is cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Start witnessing, observing your thoughts and emotions. Thoughts are not to be created, maintained or destroyed.

Going beyond these three functions of the mind of creating, maintaining and destroying thoughts is witnessing them. You separate yourself from your thoughts. The Witness, you, is separate from your thoughts. The Witness is who you really are. Just observing your thoughts will prevent you from emotional entanglement that inevitably brings suffering. Even joy is suffering. Joy is experienced only for a brief moment before the mind goes back to its usual routine of negativity, complaining and depression. You suffer because you know the joy you experience will not be there for long. Real joy or bliss is only experienced if you unclutch from all shafts that you created, the good ones and the bad ones, and go beyond them. Witnessing shows you the Buddha in you, the Awakened One, the godliness, your own divine Self. It brings you back to your source, the source of everlasting peace and happiness. The Source is you; you are this peace and bliss by your very nature!

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