Inner Peace is the First Step to World Peace!

That which has created this and all other universes has the ultimate peace at its core beyond quality; its the substance of its existence.

As we are made in its image, we are essentially the same and can realize this. We can experience our absolute, ultimate, inner peace as our very own essence at the core of our being. Means essentially we are not violent, we do not kill, torture, wage wars, eat animals, or pollute planet earth. Instead we are peaceful at heart. When we are peaceful within ourselves we don’t want to harm others; we only want their best. Realizing our true essence of peace is the only way World Peace is possible. There is no other way.

How to Manifest Inner Peace?

In very practical terms it means either get initiated into the Absolute Peace, or work your way to your ultimate essence of inner peace. How to do this? Remove everything from your inner space that ultimately covers your very essence, that covers that ultimate peace through karmic release work. In other words, let go of everything that is holding you back in your life to live a high frequency life. One of the greatest health benefits of inner peace is the soothing of the nervous system.

Ma Udaysree is a Certified Transformation & Spiritual Life Coach who enriches women 50+ with a path of enlightened living. Contact Ma Udaysree for a FREE 40 min Initial Coaching Strategy Session.

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