How to Become Vegetarian

Someone recently asked me how one can best transition from eating meat to becoming a vegetarian. This is a beautiful question!

High Energy Food

I could answer this question in a logical way giving you many reasons but trying to convince you with reason will bring a result only for a limited time. Eventually it will feel forced, you will argue with yourself about your own reasons, resistance will come up and you will give it up all together.

The decision to become vegetarian has to come from deep within simply ‘knowing’ eating vegetarian is better for you from an energy point of view. High energy food is freshly prepared home cooked food that is vegetarian made from whole grains, beans and brown rice, vegetables, and avoids onion, garlic, mushrooms, green chilis. Its protein source comes greatly from lentils, nuts, seeds and dairy products. This diet also includes an amount of fresh fruit and/or vegetables prepared as a salad concluding with a sweet-tasting dessert. This kind of diet brings more clarity of mind, awareness and energy to your being, and can help induce spiritual calmness in you and a blissful state of being. Becoming vegetarian, an aid to awakening into higher consciousness, is an evolutionary process and takes its own sweet time.

Bring in the Light of Awareness

Your wish to eat vegetarian itself is a good start. At this point simply make a strong intention to incorporate more vegetarian food into your diet. This will gradually change your inner setup (engraved memories/samskaras) from meat eating to a vegetarian diet.

Do your grocery shopping with awareness being more selective in what you place into your shopping cart and ultimately on your table and into your body. Have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables for consumption next to avoiding more and more pre-cooked meals, frozen or canned food, and meat products. Best if you are able to make lifestyle changes to only eat freshly cooked meals daily. Here again, let it happen gradually. Otherwise it is likely to fail.

Once your meal is prepared eat the food with full awareness chewing every bite thoroughly feeling its texture, temperature, etc. while at the same time avoiding distractions like too much talk, unpleasant talk, TV or radio, or being on the computer or phone while eating. Fully bring your awareness to eating, on how and what you eat.

The rest will follow by itself. When time comes, meat eating will beautifully drop away by itself. Bringing in the light that is Awareness is the best step forward to a conscious and better way of eating and living.

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