Holistic Money Mastery

Money Coaching is like any other topic of transformational nature to help you grow and expand in consciousness.

In our Individual 101 Holistic Money Mastery Sessions we offer a custom-tailored approach to help you with your money mastery. According to your needs, this can be a one-time session or a number of sessions over several weeks or even months.

We can help you with:

  • Budgeting: Financial Habits & Common Money Tips
  • Money Mindset: Explore your Conditioning, Limiting Beliefs, and Thought Patterns around Money
  • Law of Attraction: Raise your Money Consciousness
  • Holistic Money Coaching: Uplevel your Money Know-How with a Supportive Lifestyle

You will experience:

  • Feel more confident about money
  • Let go of limiting beliefs around money and become friends with your hurting inner child
  • Set powerful money goals and create the life and/or business you always wanted
  • Adopt a new lifestyle that supports wealth creation
  • Consciously focus your money energy
  • Receive money from unexpected sources
  • Gratitude
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