Hinduism is Real: How I Fed my Ganesha

My beloved Swamiji, HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, spoke during satsangh about the experience of Nithyatva, the 7th dimension of the multiverse on Oct 16, 2019. Nithyatva is the space of eternity, a space where matter to energy (or food into energy) and energy to matter conversion happens at will with no effort, the effortless zone of creating anything at will. In the Hindu tradition it is the space and dimension of Kailaasa, the seat of Paramashiva. My Swamiji had the Nithyatva experience as a 3 years old young child while feeding Lord Ganesha. He carried Ganesha with him, played with him, dressed and fed him, kind of but different like a barbie doll in the West kids play with.

Is it REALLY Possible to Feed Ganesha, a Stone or Metal Image?

Swamiji initiated the sangha via 2-way video conferencing and 1-way connection. He said, just go and feed Ganesha. You will see and experience Nithyatva. Integrated to guru vak, that which the guru says, many devotees and disciples started feeding Ganesha with milk, juice, water, raisins, fruit, even chips. My Swamiji received so many video testimonials that indeed Ganesha was eating. I watched about 7 videos but there are many more circulating on social media. Ganesha told my Swamiji that for 72 hours he will make himself available and consume whatever is offered as naivedhyam. As it is in the Hindu tradition, the gods give prasadam, blessings back to the devotees for the offering, mostly through blessed food but not always. We devotees and disciples asked for the experience of Nithyatva as prasadam. Many received a first glimpse of Nithyatva.

What is My Experience with Feeding Ganesha?

I was hesitant as I know my doubting mind but then a sangha member called me. She inspired me through her energy more than through her words to take on this spiritual practice. All pumped up with the right kind of energy and mindset I gave up my Saturday afternoon plans and decided to aim for feeding Ganesha. I sat for 6 hours chanting a sacred and secret password, a Ganesha mantra that we were suppose to use to invoke the deity. I first had to overcome all sorts of emotions, the obstacles that had to be removed in order to have a higher vibe for this act of devotion to be fruitful.

Three times it looked as if Ganesha had been drinking the juice I offered but then I noticed that part of his body was wet from the juice. Now I had doubts. Did he at least drink some of the juice or did it all spill onto his body? Hard to say. Next I had a vision of baby Ganesha in my 3rd eye so I continued feeding Ganesha holding him like a baby in my hand until satsangh time in the evening. Holding him like a baby made it easier to feed him but I also had more motherly feelings coming up and the needed patience. Hindu gods are just too playful in their ways of teaching us the highest Truths and meaning of life. Before I went to bed I filled a spoonful of juice and placed it in front of Ganesha thinking maybe he will drink at least over night.

Next day morning checking on Ganesha, I surprisingly and with great joy found the spoonful of juice gone! Either he must have really taken the juice or the amount was small enough to have simply dried up over night my doubting mind started blabbering. Well, lets find out. The process can be repeated.

Spoon is empty, Ganesha drank juice!

Blissful Conversion

I noticed that on that day I woke up and all throughout the day I felt unusually vibrant, alive, and more blissful as usual and that without any effort from my side, means something transformational happened the day before. And not only that, my morning yoga routine was effortlessly carried by some energy that made all asanas easy to do.

To top it off, in the evening I placed another spoonful of water but now away from Ganesha. The next day morning, the second day now, only about half of the water was gone, means Ganesha really drank the juice. The actual process of matter to energy conversion, Nithyatva, had happened. Yay!

What is Needed to Manifest Nithyatva?

These three things are needed to manifest Nithyatva:

  • Initiation into Nithyatva
  • Understanding that deity IS God and available
  • Deep prayer with intense devotion that melts down all incompletions, awakens kundalini, and can enlighten you. Pratana, soul-melting surrender, deep patience, and merging with God in Sarvikalpa Samadhi.

‘Loving Ganesha’

As I continued my day I somehow came across the online book ‘Loving Ganesha’. Browsing through the first few pages I saw photo after photo of newspaper clippings about the miracle of Ganesha drinking milk in India. This happened some twenty years ago. When I first learned about it, I felt it is true somehow. Now I know for sure it is possible. Hundreds in our sangha have proofed it. Gratitude to my Swamiji. The experience proofed that Hinduism is real. It’s not just stories in our puranas but there are techniques that proof the impossible possible, connect to the higher dimensions of our multiverse, and convert matter into energy effortlessly just by will.

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