Explore Matters of the Soul in Life

Ma Udaysree – Master Mindset, Spiritual, and Transformation Life Coach

Intuitively you know there is a better way to life and happiness than what you experience day after day. Ma Udaysree offers guidance and coaching on exploring matters of the soul in life.

Do you want to live a vibrant, healthy, and conscious life but don’t know how? Do you want to release limiting beliefs, patterns, stuck energy, and stop going in circles? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know which diet to follow that is cruelty-free, energetic, and healing at the same time?

Have you had trouble being successful in the past and found you couldn’t do it alone?

I’m Here to Help!

I specialize in helping spiritual seekers just like you make changes in life and choose life-affirming ways so you can finally embrace the right and not just pleasant. You will develop a deeper understanding of where your energy is stuck, make better life choices, and start attending to your soul.

What You Can Expect

Together we will work to reach your spiritual goal of exploring matters of the soul and enlightenment while looking at your life purpose, habits, and lifestyle to achieve this. Based on your needs, I will gradually introduce new and healthful foods and spiritual activities into your lifestyle that best support you. As you start to feel better and more blissful, these habits will have a natural tendency to remain with you, and will crowd out the less beneficial ones enabling you to reach your current and future worldly and spiritual goals.

It is expected of me to provide a safe, loving, and supportive atmosphere without bias and judgment; and to give you my full attention to help you learn how to be your own detective when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Bringing joy and making a difference in your life is my passion. Seeing the growth and vibrancy that you will encounter and fully knowing that you, yourself, overcame your challenges and weaknesses to accomplish your life goals is my utmost goal as your guide and Spiritual Life Coach.

Are you curious about how working with me can help you?

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Individual Soulful Spiritual Life Coaching

All sessions are held via Zoom at the convenience of your home.
If you’re struggling with matters of the soul on your soulful journey to inner peace and bliss, you’ve come to the right place!

Individual Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions recommended for personal and professional matters.

  • EXPLORE MATTERS OF THE SOUL IN LIFE individual karmic release sessions & powerful cognitions.
  • WELLBEING-related, non-violent positive lifestyle & other yogic principles, sattvic vegetarian diet recommendations & Ayurvedic sleep-pattern analysis, detox for the body.
  • SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE & relationship compatibility, how to bring an enlightened child into this world.
  • WEALTH & cosmic laws.
Sessions are consciousness-based as per Vedic & yogic tradition. A free third eye scan to identify problem areas is included.

Available are

  • SHANTI – One 60-minutes individual session includes free third eye body scan.
  • SAMADHI – Six 40-minutes individual 101 sessions with the first session being 60 minutes spread over a total of 6 weeks includes free third eye body scan & root pattern.
  • MOKSHA – Twelve 40-minutes individual 101 sessions with the first session being 60 minutes spread over a total of 12 weeks includes free third eye body scan & root pattern.

All sessions are via Zoom or phone. Hourly or package coaching rates apply. Free third eye scan included.

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