Enlightening Zoom Talks

Available Topics for Enlightening Zoom Chats and Podcasts

I offer inspiring and enlightening zoom chats and live or pre-recorded podcasts with or without host about the Vedic culture like Hinduism, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Sattvic Vegetarian Food, and India travel.

1 – Hinduism – Life Positive Lifestyle

An introduction to Hinduism, a way of life as still practiced in India today. I tell my story on why I became a Hindu.

2 – Five Principles of Yoga

What is yoga and what is not yoga, what is the source of yoga, different yoga path according to temperament, 5 principles of yoga, align to the geometry of the cosmos.

3 – Meditation is for You 

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed in life? Meditation can help you relax and look deeper into yourself. Depending on time commitment, may include one or two meditation techniques.

4 – Ayurveda – Science of Life

The ancient Science of Life originated in India some thousands of years ago. It reveals sattvic vegetarian food and lifestyle secrets on how to live in alignment with the rhythms of nature.

5 – Chai Tea with Yogini Ma Udaysree

This is the equivalent to the German Kaffee Klatsch (coffee & conversations) but conveniently at your home via zoom. A cup of chai tea is optional. We’ll have a lively and fun online gathering where I share what you and your friends always wanted to know about the culture of India, its spirituality and way of life. And yes, there is a super simple chai recipe.

6 – India Travel for Female Solo and First Time Travelers

Book a talk based on my 6 years India travel experience. To prepare yourself further, you may want to read my book ‘Living at Arunachala’ that describes my India experiences and contains over 100 travel tips available HERE.

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