Desperate for Jesus – A Virtual Women’s Conference

Desperate for Jesus is the title of a virtual women’s conference I ran into online. Did I participate? No, but I had to laugh about the title.

India is historically known to produce enlightened beings. Already thousands of years ago the master-disciple relationship existed to further the spiritual growth of a true seeker for enlightenment. Over time curious individuals went to India to research the lost years of Jesus.

Jesus went to India and received initiations by enlightened beings who were willing to take him on as a disciple. In the process and through spiritual practices he learnt how to raise his consciousness and through divine grace attained enlightenment within a short period of time. Thinking about this I know that Jesus had reincarnated many times before and had been a spiritual truth seeker for many lifetimes. Only this makes it possible for an evolved soul to accomplish the final goal of life within a few years adding to it the grace of his master or guru. Upon his return as an enlightened master he was recognized by only a very few, his 12 disciples. After Jesus’ death he eventually became known the world over but again, only a few recognize him as an enlightened being.

Jesus had accomplished the ashtama siddhis or eight powers like many other masters in India. How else to walk on water or feed the multitudes with only a loaf of bread? He even raised the dead, a feat only very few masters show in public.

I had heard about the ashtama siddhis but I had a doubt whether my guru HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam had such powers. I had seen him heal people and knew it was an energy transfer and faith of the disciple. Yet I had never witnessed some of his other powers. When questions and doubts arise in the disciple’s mind, the all-knowing master knows about this and sometimes demonstrates powers to satisfy the disciple’s mind.

One day I had darshan of my guru means I was able to get close to him and directly ask him a question and receive a blessing. On one such occasion I saw my guru suddenly expand in size. I was amazed at what I saw and only a little later it dawned on me why I witnessed it.

These powers are never demonstrated out of egoistic reasons to show off. They are used to help humanity in some way. I have come to understand that enlightened beings never act out of selfish reasons. They always, always with no exception, act in a truly compassionate way to help humanity grow spiritually. And so it was with Jesus.

Desperate for Jesus some seekers don’t realize that Jesus has come already many times in many ways in the form of male and female bodied enlightened beings to raise the consciousness of humanity and eliminate their sufferings. Yet this is not recognized neither accepted by the masses and especially Christianity. It seems to me there needs to be a male bodied enlightened being with long hair, long robes, and the looks of Jesus of over 2000 years ago. That being needs to carry the same name to be recognized and accepted. Namaste.

For a greater understanding of this topic I highly recommend a couple of books titled ‘The Yoga of Jesus’ and ‘The Second Coming of Christ’ by Paramahamsa Yogananda.

Ma Udaysree
Ma Udaysree is a Spiritual Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. She has studied the Vedic and yogic traditions of India in the areas of spiritual life solutions, yoga & meditation, temples, and Ayurveda – The Science of Life for more than 30 years. You can contact her through the contact page.

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