Hinduism is Real: How I Fed my Ganesha

My beloved Swamiji, HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, spoke during satsangh about the experience of Nithyatva, the 7th dimension of the multiverse on Oct 16, 2019. Nithyatva is the space of eternity, a space where matter to energy (or food into energy) and energy to matter conversion happens at will with no effort, the effortless zone […]

The Original Function of Statues

The Original Function of Statues by Osho “Just watching Mahavira’s statue you may fall into a meditative state. That was their original function. They were not made to be worshipped, they were made to make you aware of a certain state. The statue is of a certain state, not of a certain man; that man […]

A 900-Years Old Connection to Hindu Temples & the Chola Dynasty

I love Hindu temples but I was not expecting a 900 years old connection. This makes for an interesting read of connecting the dots of my soul’s journey during several lifetimes. Let’s start with an akashic reading. Akashic Readings by a Child Saint A balasanth, child saint, of the Kailasa Order near Bengaluru, India, was […]

The Value of Preserving Temples

Energy Spaces and Healing Centers Temples are energy centers and healing spaces to rejuvenate, relax, energize and reconnect to your inner self. Healing happens on many levels, the physical, emotional, mental and being levels to achieve a blissful state of consciousness. Temples are a place for devotees to come together and share as a family, […]