Are you in Control of your Emotions?

Ha, ha, you might be laughing about this question and wish you were, right? Truth is whenever our body is moved by a particular emotion, that emotion gets settled inside our system. Jiddu Krishnamurthi, an enlightened Master from India, made a wonderful statement about emotions arising in the human body. He says beautifully, ‘If you […]

Raise Yourself by Yourself

Raise yourself by yourself do not defeat yourself by yourself It is the Self that gives respect to the self  and it is the self that deceives the Self BhagavadGita, Dhyana Yoga, 6.5 When you raise yourself, yourself is the greatest friend of yourself; and, when you deceive yourself, yourself is the greatest enemy of […]

Yoga Therapy and Mental Health

Yoga therapy for mental health… Mental health starts with knowing how the mind works. Once this is properly understood from an enlightened perspective (not from another unenlightened understanding) it becomes a fairly easy task everyone can handle once they are willing to embark on a journey of inner transformation. Unfortunately most of us are stricken […]