Tantra for Artists: Shortcut to the Ultimate Experience

Shiva is Causeless Auspiciousness The literal translation of the word ‘shiva’ is ’causeless auspiciousness’. Shakti is the supreme female principle, Cosmic Mother. Shiva and Shakti are symbolically represented as a downward pointing and an upward pointing triangle. Shiva is the static upward pointing triangle representing Cosmic Consciousness. The dynamic downward pointing triangle stands for energy. […]

Are you in Control of your Emotions?

Ha, ha, you might be laughing about this question and wish you were, right? Truth is whenever our body is moved by a particular emotion, that emotion gets settled inside our system. Jiddu Krishnamurthi, an enlightened Master from India, made a wonderful statement about emotions arising in the human body. He says beautifully, ‘If you […]