Tantra for Artists: Shortcut to the Ultimate Experience

Shiva is Causeless Auspiciousness The literal translation of the word ‘shiva’ is ’causeless auspiciousness’. Shakti is the supreme female principle, Cosmic Mother. Shiva and Shakti are symbolically represented as a downward pointing and an upward pointing triangle. Shiva is the static upward pointing triangle representing Cosmic Consciousness. The dynamic downward pointing triangle stands for energy. […]

Journey to the Source

The greatest adventure to be explored is the journey to the Source. Source is bliss, source is peace. Peace is freedom from the clutches of your mind. How does the Mind work? The mind creates pleasure and pain shafts connecting associated thoughts. Thoughts of joy and happiness create joyful, happy shafts. Thoughts of fear, anger […]

What is a Yantra?

Spiritual growth and evolution is one of two paths an individual can choose to go. You either go up or down but you cannot go both. Existence itself offers you a myriad of techniques to evolve to higher states of consciousness. One such technique to raise individual consciousness is intensely immersing yourself in the creation […]