How to Easily Grow Cilantro at Home

Cilantro, also called as Kothmir or Hara Dhaniya in Urdu language, sometimes referred as Coriander leaves, is my favorite, most quintessential culinary herb, which I love to add in most of my vegetable preparations while I cook. Growing this fragrant herb is easy. Every Indian kitchen is stocked up with coriander seeds. Just sow a […]

Shivani’s Quick and Easy Chai Tea

Surprise, surprise! Recently I was talking with my longtime friend Shivani. I asked her how she prepares a cup of Chai. I was expecting a secret mix of spices that she would use but no, she has a quick and easy way of preparing tasty Chai tea. Here is her recipe. Ingredients 1 teabag of […]

Sesame Seeds Bliss Balls

After each early morning yoga session at my guru’s aadheenam (ashram and temple complex) we received a ‘reward’ of yummy Sesame Seeds Bliss Balls. Sesame seeds are beneficial to our health. They contain a wide range of minerals, vitamin B1, dietary fiber, sesamean, and sesamoline. Sesame balls help with cholesterol, high blood pressure, increases vitamin […]