The Annamalaiyar Shiva Temple: Pilgrimage of Liberation Part II

“I am pleased to announce that Version 2.0 of my documentary, The Shiva Temple of Tiruvannamalai: Pilgrimage of Liberation, is now available on YouTube. This 2.0 version includes updated research, new script content, new video and photo content, and a remastered sound track. This documentary film explores the famed Annamalaiyar Shiva Temple of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil […]

Visit the Magnificent Arunachaleshwara Shiva Temple

In ancient times kings built magnificent temples in gratitude to Lord Shiva or other gods. These days enlightened masters are the temple builders who also energize them with transforming cosmic energy to raise our consciousness. They use them to revive the ancient Vedic tradition and enlightenment science, for meditation, rituals, and blessing purposes, and to […]

The Value of Preserving Temples

Energy Spaces and Healing Centers Temples are energy centers and healing spaces to rejuvenate, relax, energize and reconnect to your inner self. Healing happens on many levels, the physical, emotional, mental and being levels to achieve a blissful state of consciousness. Temples are a place for devotees to come together and share as a family, […]