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LIVING AT ARUNACHALA – In the Foothills of a Sacred Mountain in South India

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‘Living at Arunachala’ is a collection of stories during my stay in India where I spent the last four years in Tiruvannamalai (Tiru), one of the five holy cities in Southern India, which represents one of the five elements of life. The inactive volcano of Mount Arunachala in Tiru represents the Fire element, the other being Earth, Water, Air, and Space.

These stories are about the people, their lives, a profound devotion to spirituality, and the mountain Arunachala. The mountain is sacred; it’s the “Fire Energy of Shiva,” and the place where The Avatar HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam was born, brought up, and had his first enlightenment experience at the age of twelve, and who is now venerated by millions of people from every corner of the world.

Mother India has something for every heart and soul. I invite you to come and discover Arunachala and the incredible culture of South India.


“‘Living at Arunachala’ is a lively and entertaining book ideal for both those who have already experienced India and for others who may be thinking of venturing here for the first time. It has a balance of both lighthearted topics and the more serious which will satisfy both travelers who are less experienced and those who would like to expand their knowledge and understanding of this fascinating country and its people.” – Shankari, Sound Therapist and author of ‘Racing the Storm’

“I feel that there will be many potential readers who have not been to India – and who may be inspired to read your book.” – Armand Altman Ph.D. Psychology, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

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