Inner Peace is the First Step to World Peace!

“The core existence and the core substance of me as Paramashiva is Paramashanta, not as my habit or quality but as core substance of my existence. Meditate on this truth.” says HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam. Once we realize this, we will experience our inner, absolute, ultimate peace as our very own essence. Means we will […]

O Ocean of Bliss

Of love, bliss and peace. With your grace Take me there… Namaste! Sometimes I am of the Bole Baba nature wishing to just sit or lay there by the ocean doing nothing but enjoying what is at that moment… Somewhere in our being we must just remember this particular nature of one of the forms […]

Freedom from Everything, Including God!

In this eye-opening speech, Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) explains: People are interested in God because they believe he is a solution to their life. You think if you go to God, all your problems will go away, but it’s about you. God Is Just A Stepping Stone. So when it’s about you, we are straight forward enough to […]

A Living Siddha – Toppi Amma

Toppi Amma means mother who wears a hat which she used to wear all the time. While living in Tiruvannamalai, I saw Toppi Amma walking the streets, on Girivalam Road around the Arunachala Mountain, and at Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram. She never talks to anyone but at times mumbles something. People say its some kind of […]

Video: The Secret to Padmasana for Seniors

Getting into padmasana can be a challenge at first but to take it even further, you can get into full padmasana without touching the legs. I recorded two videos, one while on my yoga mat and the other while seated on a chair. You can see the pose is easier on the mat but try […]