Sri Chakra: The Cosmic Map

By Rani Iyer – Author Of all the models and maps of the universe, the Sri Chakra, a symbol sacred to the Hindus, is perhaps the oldest and most well documented in several texts. One such holy text is Yogini Hrudaya, which records a conversation between Bhairava (Shiva) and Bhairavi (Parvathi) regarding the formation of […]

What is Truly Necessary? A Guide to Frugal Yogic Living or Aparigraha, Living with Minimal Things

By Ma Udaysree & Yogi LB What truly is necessary is very individual, cultural, and spiritual. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali we find aparigraha, living with minimal things. It’s not restricting yourself; to the contrary. Living with minimal things creates a great freedom in your life. Think about it for a moment. You practice […]

Lakshmi: Goddess of Wealth

The Lotus or Nelumbo Nucifera is the National Flower of India. It is a sacred flower and occupies a unique position in the art and mythology of ancient India and has been an auspicious symbol of Indian culture since time immemorial. The lotus flower symbolizes purity, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment. Of special interest here is the Goddess […]

Your Brain Has Been Hijacked By Sugar

Are you a sugar addict or think you might be? The first thing you should know is it’s not your fault. Your brain is hardwired to crave sweet foods. Your body runs on sugar — glucose to be precise. Glucose fuels the cells that make up your body — including brain cells (neurons). Way back […]