Beyond Money

Yes, right, this is primarily a money coaching website. Then why is there so much about Well-Being and Travel on it?


Well-being is absolutely necessary to enjoy financial abundance. Health is the highest good. If that is lost, you lost everything. Money can’t buy health. It can pay doctor and hospital bills but pain and suffering cannot be removed by receiving a feel-good massage or paying your psychotherapist. Some people go for 10 years to a therapist and they still don’t feel any relief.

Well-being is part of my holistic money coaching sessions. It goes from healthy habits to food, yoga, and meditation, a well-balanced way of living to enjoy the wealth you are creating.

India Travel

And why Travel you may ask. Well, when you have money you can travel if you so wish. I in particular have chosen spiritual India. The Vedic tradition of India is still very much alive and being revived. It has much to offer in regards to healthy living, spirituality, and knowledge about cosmic laws like the Law of Attraction. India’s wealth is also in the way how business is conducted in villages.

When it comes to wealth, India offers the Ultimate Wealth which is beyond ordinary money. It is living Enlightenment. I have included a number of very unique enlightened masters most of whom I have met.


Every Money Coach is unique which is reflected in the particular content of my coaching programs. You are invited to look around and get to know where I am coming from in my unique money coaching approach. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

One Last Word

Off and on you see images with the sacred lotus flower that primarily grows in India. It is symbolic of transformation and expansion. When you decide to get money coaching sessions you will inevitably grow, expand your mindset, and transform your being.

Thank you and blessings to you.