The Annamalaiyar Shiva Temple: Pilgrimage of Liberation Part II

“I am pleased to announce that Version 2.0 of my documentary, The Shiva Temple of Tiruvannamalai: Pilgrimage of Liberation, is now available on YouTube.

This 2.0 version includes updated research, new script content, new video and photo content, and a remastered sound track.

This documentary film explores the famed Annamalaiyar Shiva Temple of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu State, India.

The temple is one of five special Shiva temples in South India, collectively called Pancha Bootha, each of which embodies one of the five elements in Hindu cosmology. This temple, which lies at the base of a red granite mountain, Arunachala, represents the element fire and corresponds to the third chakra, the Manipura or solar plexus chakra. The Shiva Puranas assert that Annamalaiyar is one of four temple complexes in India where the pilgrim can gain final liberation, or moksha.

The film is intended for use in university classes on Hinduism, pilgrimage, world religions, comparative religions, spirituality, and sacred art and architecture.

Part Two, Version 2.0 can be also found on Youtube at

Note: Since this is a high definition documentary, the sound and video on this documentary will be of much higher quality with high speed internet. Sound quality and picture quality will suffer with low speed internet.”

Phillip C. Lucas
Professor of Religious Studies
Stetson University

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