Amazing Grace: Darshan by Enlightened Beings

It truly is amazing grace to have the darshan of an enlightened being. I just watched a short video of Mother Meera traveling from venue to venue and more venues in Germany. Seeing her travel from place to place I reflected. I thought, we are so blessed to have these enlightened beings live, sometimes under very harsh conditions, among us. They sacrifice their lives to humanity even when wrongly imprisoned or attempted to murder to give us hope, inspiration, and a path to follow. Hope of a better life if and when we follow the path they lay out because they know it worked for them. Not always easy but at some point it becomes fulfilling beyond ordinary happiness. The path is always sweetened by their presence and most compassionate smiles.

Raising our Consciousness

Feeling so blessed to not only have the desire for enlightenment but the willingness to walk the path. This will bring changes in my life. Most important are mindset changes, release of karmic baggage, and ever feeling lighter and more blissful.

Enlightened beings help us with our physical and mental health, karmas, connection back to our Self, live in alignment with the laws of the universe, and raise our consciousness.

Amazing beings and amazing grace for those who are blessed to experience darshan of an enlightened being. Thank you! Much gratitude.

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