About Ma Udaysree

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Born & Where I am

  • From Bremerhaven, Germany
  • I live in the Valley of the Sun in the USA
  • When in India, I am in the foothills of the sacred mountain Arunachala

My Family

  • One Son
  • Two Granddaughters
  • Three Backyard ‘Pets’


  • Master Mindset Coach
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Ordained Spiritual Healer
  • Abstract Artist
  • Vedic Tradition
  • Ordained Minister

My Mission

To help women & youth experience a healthier, happier life and deepest inner fulfillment


Lotus Flower Symbol

  • Transformation & Expansion
  • Purity, Wisdom & Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re struggling in your relationships with yourself, others, and life, you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps there is an old story in you that does not make you feel good about yourself and your constant pain and suffering, financial struggles, and lack of happiness and fulfillment, and may even cause dis-ease in your body. If that is the case, I certainly would like to help you.

  • Let go of old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and thereby raise your vibration
  • Adopt a powerful new mindset to attract best things into your life
  • Create a master plan and take action steps towards a healthier happier you

I help women heal their relationships with themselves, others, and life so they can experience freedom, and start living a healthier happier life.

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‘Through my work with Ma Udaysree I came deep into my emotional blocks where now inner healing takes place. I was surprised how quickly you can change old patterns not to stand in your own way. I felt incredibly comfortable during our work together.’ – Tim W., Student, Luebeck, Germany

‘I shared some past experiences with Ma Udaysree which led her to uncover a ‘blockage’ I was having with spending money. She was able to explain being raised in a single income household, with 2 older brothers, instilled values in me to save money & be cautious with overspending. Even though, I am in a good financial situation, I still look for deals & coupons for groceries.’ – Jenn S., Wellness & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Ontario, Canada

‘I learnt how to see myself from a higher perspective and how my habit of speaking and thinking is counter-productive to my spiritual growth. The way of my mind makes me less than I really am.’ – Julia L., Yoga Studio Owner, USA

‘Ma Udaysree was able to hold the space and gently guide me into some of the deepest parts of my inner world. I released a lot of old programming and trapped emotions. I felt so much clearer and lighter after the sessions.’ – Jay W., Broker, TV Malai, India

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